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Seeking First with Sonnie Beverly

Original Organic Edition of Saved Babies Daddies

by Sonnie Beverly on 10/08/15

REAL - genuine, authentic, true, actual, certified, unquestionable, verifiable, unfeigned, undisputed, sincere, undeniable

Fake - false, counterfeit, bogus, imitation, fraudulent, phony, pretend, deceptive

Genuine Diamond = Real vs. Cubic Zirconia = Fake

Unless you are an expert, sometimes it can be difficult to distinguish the difference between a genuine diamond and a cubic zirconia. There are genuine diamonds in the body of Christ. Then there are cubic zirconias who don't even realize that they are not saved. The cubic zirconias in the body of Christ are mostly saved in their heads. Real salvation requires a heart decision. It's time for the genuine diamonds in the body of Christ, the Real Saved Folk, to help eliminate the fake and replace it with the real. Unsaved folk are depending on us to show them the way to be Real Saved Folk. Click on the title to read the original, organic edition of SAVED BABIES DADDIES to see how Zakia became a Real Saved Folk, sold out and on fire for Jesus!

The Kang and His Queen

by Sonnie Beverly on 08/25/15

The Most Beautiful Wedding Ever

Sonnie's Bible Book Club

by Sonnie Beverly on 04/27/15

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